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This Cookies Policy is part of the Privacy Policy of the Website hosted under the domain name (the “Website”), owned by the company Zambal Spain Socimi SA established in Calle Ortega y Gasset 11, 1º dcha. 28006 Madrid, VAT number A86710142 and registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, Volume 30.960, Sheet 157, Section 8 of the Corporate Book, Page M-557304,  Registration 1.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small information file that is created by the Website that you visit and that saves information in the User’s computer so as to provide access to different functions.

Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies in order to obtain more information on the way the visitors incteract with our content and they help us improve the user’s experience when visiting our Website.

What information do our cookies provide us?
Our cookies provide us concretely the following information:

a) The domain name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides access to the net. For example, if your provider is XXX, it will only be identified with the domain This allows us to compile statistics on countries and servers that most frequently visit our Website.
b) The date and time of access to our Website, and the amount time each user spends on it. That allows us to determine the hours of highest traffic and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems at our peak hours.

c) The Internet address of the site linking to our website. Thanks to this datum we can judge the effectiveness of the different banners and links pointing to our server, with the purpose of enhancing those that provide the best results, in order to meet the necessities of information of our visitors.

d) The number of daily visitors of each section of content. This allows us to determine the most successful areas and expand and improve its content, in order for the users to get a more satisfying information. The information obtained is totally anonimous, which means that it cannot be related to any specific and identified user.
e) The language selected by each user on his/her first visit to the Website and the restricted area.
f) Security elements involved in the access control to the restricted areas.
g) The User’s activity within the Website: links and places that are clicked on, pages vitied, their searches, etc. That allows us to improve the functionality of the Website and make it more appealing and useful for the user.
The information we have access to through the cookies enables us to customise the Services, based on users’ interests, however, under no circumstances do the cookies allow us to obtain personal information, nor can they read data or other cookies in your computer.
Types of cookies:
The Website uses the following types of cookies:
-Technical cookies:  They allow the user to browse the Website and use the different options and services.
-Third Party Analytical Cookies (Google Analytics): They enable us to cound the number of users and the length of time of connection and thereby measure and analyse statistics related to the use of the services offered, in order to improve the offer provided to users.

-Identification and Customization Cookies: They allo the user to identify and authenticate him-/herself automatically in future visits to the Website and access the authorized content.


How are the cookies rejected?

You can block the use of our cookies on your computer, by selecting the corresponding option in your browser (help function), but doing so, you shall not be able to enjoy the smooth functioning and personalizations of our Services that the cookies permit and we also inform you that some of the aforesaid functions may not work.
For more information on deactivating cookies, please visit the guidelines provided by any of the four most used browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).